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Below you will find my client agreement, cancellation, and privacy policies.  By scheduling an appointment you agree to abide by the cancellation and client agreement policies.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, unforeseen events can occur that require cancellation or rescheduling of appointments. When you schedule a massage that time is set aside especially for you and since I work by appointment I am not compensated when appointments are missed or canceled without enough notification for me to fill the availability.  My policies are designed to give ample time to cancel, reschedule or find a substitution for a scheduled appointment. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.


Phone call or text is the best way to contact me about canceling, rescheduling, or to notify me of lateness.  If I am unable to answer the phone please leave a message.


You may cancel or reschedule an appointment within 24 hours with no fee.  

Cancellations between 24 and 6 hours before your appointment time will require payment of 50% of the cost of the scheduled service.   

Cancellations less than 6 hours prior to your appointment will require payment in full for the scheduled service.  

Late cancellations of less than 6 hours prior to your appointment time will result in the forfeit of gift certificates or any discounts for that service.

If you have a friend or family member who can take your scheduled massage appointment please contact me to let me know of the substitution.  No fees will be applied if you find someone to fill your scheduled appointment.


Failure to show up or contact me to cancel a massage will require payment in full for the scheduled service. 

Gift certificates or any discounts for that service will be forfeit.  

Failure to show for two scheduled services will require payment in full prior to being able to schedule again.

Late Arrivals:

Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive for your scheduled appointment.  Because I understand traffic is unpredictable and sometimes may cause you to be delayed I can be flexible for a few minutes variation.  If my  schedule allows I will give you as much of your scheduled time as possible.  Please be aware I cannot always accommodate lateness and late arrival may result in reduction of time for your appointment.   

If you are 20 minutes late and have not called to notify me that you are on the way your appointment will be considered a no-show and you will be required to pay in full.  If possible I will try to contact you to confirm you are on your way.

Payment for missed appointments or late cancellations:

I will email an invoice via Square that can be paid online.  If you have rescheduled you may pay during your next appointment.

Client Agreement and Payment Policy

It is my choice to receive massage therapy.  I am aware of the benefits and risks of massage and give my consent for massage.  I understand there is no implied or stated guarantee of success of effectiveness of individual techniques or series of appointments.  I acknowledge that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care, medical examination or diagnosis.  I have stated all medical conditions that I am aware of and will inform my practitioner of any changes in my health status.

I understand that massage therapy is completely non-sexual.  I understand that any allusion to or implication of such will result in immediate termination of my session, that I will be responsible for full payment of services for that session, and that I will be unable to book again.

I understand that the therapist is not responsible for any jewelry damaged during a session that is not removed prior to that session.


Payment is due prior to or directly after service.  Payment may be in cash, credit card, check, or gift certificate.  Payment is due if treatment is stopped due to client breach of conduct.

Privacy Policy

I am dedicated to providing top-quality service.  Your privacy is paramount and I have implemented procedures to safeguard your information included in your files.  All paperwork is kept in a locked filing cabinet. I use Schedulicity for online scheduling and Square for credit card services.  Please refer to their websites for questions concerning their security and privacy policies.


This notice describes how Protected Health Information (PHI) about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.


Your Personal and Protected Health Information:

We may gather personal and health information from you, other health care providers and third party payers.  This information is used for treatment, payment and health care operations. The following describes the ways we may use and disclose your Personal Health Information.  This notice remains in effect until it is replaced or amended by changes in the law.


~I may provide PHI about you to health care providers, other practice personnel, or third parties who are involved in the provision, management or coordination of your treatment care.

~I may disclose your PHI to any third party you designate in writing.

~I may use or disclose your PHI so that we can collect or make payment for the health care services you receive or are going to receive.

~I may disclose your PHI if I ever sell or transfer my practice.

~I may disclose your PHI if I believe it is necessary to prevent a serious threat to your health and safety or the health and safety of the public.

~I may disclose your PHI to a government agency if I believe you have been a victim of abuse, neglect or domestic violence.  I will make this disclosure if it  is necessary to prevent serious harm to you or other potential victims, you are unable to agree due to your incapacity, you agree to the disclosure, or required by law.

~I may disclose your PHI to a health oversight agency for activities authorized by law.

~I may disclose your PHI as required by a court or administrative order, or under certain circumstances in  response to a subpoena, discovery request or other legal process.

~I may release your PHI as necessary to comply with laws relating to Worker’s Compensation or similar programs that are established by the law to provide benefits for work-related injuries or illness without regard to fault. ~I may disclose your PHI to a HIPAA certified business associate (a person or organization that performs a function or activity on behalf of the practice the involves the use or disclosure of PHI, such as a billing services company or another practitioner who is involved in your health care).

~Your PHI may be disclosed for military and veterans affairs, for national security and intelligence activities, or for correctional activities.

~I may use or disclose your PHI when required by law.

~I may use your name, address, phone number, email, and your records to contact you with appointment  reminder calls or other information that may be of interest to you.  

Your rights involving this information:

~You are entitled to inspect and receive copies of your records.

~You are entitled to make a written request to amend your PHI files or put restrictions on certain uses and disclosure of PHI.

~I accommodate any reasonable request yet retain the right to deny inclusion of amendments or use restrictions of your PHI.

~You have the right to disagree with the practitioners refusal of inclusion ~You have a right to receive all notices in writing.

~You have the right to request that we do not disclose your information to specific individuals, companies, or  organizations.  Any restrictions should be requested in writing.  I am not required to honor these requests.   If I agree with your restrictions the restriction is binding on me.

~You may complain to me or the Secretary for Health and Human Services if you feel I have violated your privacy rights.  There will be no retaliation for filing a complaint.  Written comments should be addressed to the Secretary for Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Ave. SW, Room 509F, HHH Bldg. Washington, DC 20201.

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