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COVID-19 Statement

Updated March 16, 2020


It is always my intention to do what is best for my clients. Due to the exponential contagion of the COVID-19 virus, it's potential to cause serious illness and it's ability to be transmitted by close physical contact the prudent and ethical thing to do is to stop doing massage for the time being. I am taking this on a week by week basis and will contact you personally via email if you have scheduled a massage that I need to cancel.


This was a hard decision to make. I know many of you use massage to reduce stress and get better quality sleep, both excellent ways to keep your body in good health, and I very much want to be there for you. As soon as it is safe to return to work I will.


Although there is cause for concern there is no cause for panic. The best course of action according to the Centers for Disease Control is to do what you can to avoid being exposed to the virus. Our best information at the moment is that it is spread in droplets from coughing or sneezing, touching surfaces that have the virus on them and then your face, or from being within 6 feet of an infected person. Social distancing and hand washing is the best way to prevent transmission. Doing these things can help protect you and others from becoming seriously ill and slow the spread of the virus reducing its impact on our community and those most at risk.


As a pathology teacher and former medical research technician I am doing my best to keep up with factual information on prevention and how to remain healthy and safe at this time. There is misinformation out there so please check the CDC website if you have any questions about the best course of action.


If you have any questions about self-treatment for pain please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you manage until we can meet again.


Many small businesses will suffer due to this outbreak. Unfortunately I can't do my job remotely but some local restaurants and retail businesses are offering delivery or car pickup at the door to remain open and take care of their employees. Please continue to support those you can.

I will update this page as the situation changes.

Best Wishes,